ImageSource Team
By ImageSource Team
on August 18, 2021
Content migration moves data from one location to another, from one system of record to another, sharing data and a destination for a new business process. The content migration processes generate ...
ImageSource Team
By ImageSource Team
on August 12, 2021
An organization's line-of-business (LOB) managers understand business operations' routine and cyclical problems and challenges. They are operational experts within their areas of responsibility and ...
ImageSource Team
By ImageSource Team
on August 03, 2021
From a user organization perspective, constructing an effective project team needs to be one of the initial mandatory objectives and activities are undertaken when implementing a Migration Project. ...
Kristina Linehan
By Kristina Linehan
on July 19, 2021
Most organizations made the switch from manual or paper-based processes to digital over many years. They've benefited from doing work electronically vs. shuffling paper and keep copies of content ...
Gene Eckhart
By Gene Eckhart
on July 14, 2021
ImageSource has worked with countless customer partners over the years to migrate databases, content, and images. We have developed a map with known roadblocks, detours, and great shortcuts to get ...