ImageSource Team
By ImageSource Team
on November 04, 2021
Turning a departmental Content Management (CM) investment into one utilized across multiple departments or the entire enterprise is a massive challenge. However, that is the whole point of a platform ...
Thomas Ruoff
By Thomas Ruoff
on October 18, 2021
Thomas, thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. Tell us about your background.
John Mancini
By John Mancini
on October 11, 2021
My early years in the content management space--I’ve been doing this for far longer than I sometimes care to admit were mostly focused on use cases that were mission-critical, single-process, ...
Christie Whitney
By Christie Whitney
on September 23, 2021
Platform software is an investment that many organizations deploy to solve the most urgent business problem. This often encompasses mission-critical business applications.
ImageSource Team
By ImageSource Team
on September 20, 2021
Tell me about your career before joining ImageSource Before joining ImageSource, I was working for a local county in WA as a software developer.  Maybe it’s bad luck, but I found the working pace ...
Bob Stellick
By Bob Stellick
on September 15, 2021
Technology projects tend to focus on a specific problem or narrow scope. There’s typically a failure or compliance issue that has some urgency. Due to time, budget, leadership support, and any other ...