Randy Weakly
By Randy Weakly on January 27, 2022

Introducing ILINX 9.1

Dozens of enhancements for ILINX Flex, bullet-proof security, new extensibility options, performance improvements galore, and a stack of usability enhancements make the ILINX 9.1 release a must-have for 2022. Highlights include:

The ILINX 9.1 Flex client allows you to access all of the powerful ILINX platform capabilities using any modern browser:

  • Scanning new documents into a workflow or a document repository
  • Robust document searching and version management
  • Initiating new workflows and processing inflight tasks using eForms or direct task access
  • Annotating images
  • Leveraging critical business intelligence through secured graphical or report-style dashboards.

The security of your system, users, and information is paramount. ILINX 9.1 provides maximum protection by delivering certifications for the latest versions of all supporting platform software such as Windows, SQL Server, IIS, .Net, PHP, and supporting libraries. 

We've added Single Sign-On (SSO) support for the ILINX Flex client leveraging SAML 2 compliant identity providers such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) and Okta. The traditional Capture and Content Store clients also now support SSO using Azure AD.

ILINX 9.1 has enhanced authentication capabilities for connecting to Microsoft Exchange Online via Open Authorization (OAuth). ILINX products are scanned using an industry-leading software vulnerability scanning solution to ensure your solution is safe from hackers.

Good news for the propeller-heads like me, we've added a ton of new extensibility features such as new and improved REST APIs for Capture and Content Store, custom workflow HTML panels for the Flex client (the system will even generate functional starter panels for you!), enhanced workflow IXMs, Advanced Capture job prioritization, and significant engine performance improvements.

The ILINX 9.1 release also includes two new products (licensed separately):

  • ILINX Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • ILINX Complex Contracts Extraction Module (CCEM).

The ILINX DLP solution provides organizations with automated intelligent security and protection for information embedded within and externally associated with digital documents. The DLP solution provides this critical capability for mobile and work-from-home employees needing secure access to sensitive information from unsecured or public environments.

ILINX DLP does this in three steps:

  1. Automated consumption, examination, and securing of sensitive content within documents
  2. Results evaluation and intelligent routing for approval
  3. Delivery of safeguarded content to workforce

Copying and pasting tabular data from PDF, Microsoft Word, and scanned document images is time-consuming, if not impossible. The ILINX Complex Contracts Extraction Module (CCEM) provides advanced user-directed tabular data collection, parsing, and formatting for organizations that need to extract and reformat essential business data from contracts, agreements, financial reports, etc. This critical business information can then be delivered to any downstream line of business system, in any format, for easy consumption and processing.

The CCEM interface allows users to easily search for and open inflight Capture workflows with attached contracts or business documents. CCEM provides simple rubber-banding capabilities for users to "grab" entire tables of data or even just a single cell. The extracted information is processed by a combination of out-of-the-box parsing logic and customer-created parsing scripts to understand, organize, and augment the table data as needed.

The resulting data is visualized in an editable table to perform final manipulations and modifications. When the user is satisfied with the data, it is placed into a formatted table to be exported to Excel, CSV, XML, or any other format.

Check out the additional ILINX 9.1 information on the ILINX Help Center website (available 2/1) . If you have any questions about the ILINX 9.1 release or the ILINX suite in general, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Published by Randy Weakly January 27, 2022
Randy Weakly